SLO Rentals

Garfield Arms Apartments (
1 bed and 2 bed apartments at the front entrance to Cal Poly

Pool, laundry, free parking, free internet.


San Luis Obispo (SLO) is a city that is located on the Central Coast of California and is home toCalifornia Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). The housing in SLO is greatly impacted by Cal Poly and its students. As a general rule, housing that is closer to campus is more expensive than housing that is further from campus. Also, the amount of enrollment at Cal Poly tends to drive the rental market conditions in SLO.

How to find rental housing

How to find housing really depends on the type of housing you are looking for. For first year students at Cal Poly, the first option is usually to live on campus in dormitorys that are owned and maintained by the University. When these fill up, the next option is often Stenner Glen, which is a private dormitory near campus. Lastly, finding a private apartment at nearby private apartment buildings is always an option.

After the first year, many students decide to move out of the dormitories and into either a private apartment building or a nearby privately owned house. Finding a house is usually what students desire, but the demand for such houses far outstrips the supply. Therefore, many second and third year students decide to live at a nearby apartment building until they can find a house.

What terms are typical?

Most rentals in SLO are 10 or 12 month leases and require cosigners. Some private owners may be more flexible, but the professional management companies generally require these terms because it is nearly impossible to re-rent a home in SLO that becomes available during the school year.

When should renters begin looking for housing?

To be safe, the earliest that renters should begin looking housing for is probably February for the following Fall Semester. None of the professional management companies set rates any sooner than February and most begin setting rates in April and May.

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